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Responsive Design – the Beginning and the Future. Part One

Whether you are just beginning your venture building websites or have built some before, this is a very exciting time. How we code and style webpages, the browsers in which we view the pages, and the devices on which we visit the web have all advanced substantially the past few years.

Once limited to browsing the web from our desktop computers or laptops, we can now take the web with us on any number of devices: phones, tablets, and, yes, laptops and desktops. Oh, and don’t forget glasses and watches, those I’m sure will present their own challenges – but we’re not quite ready for those just yet.

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Incorporating Multivariate and A/B Website Testing | Best Practices

Every day when webmasters step back and take a good look at their website, does their idea of an optimal user experience actually parallel the ideas of the end consumers? Although you may think your website is as good is its going to get, take some time and consider that you yourself are not your target market, or even a source of traffic for that matter (*hopefully).  Although no website will ever be perfect, behold; another leap in the pursuit.

In a recent post on the official Google Blog, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Susan Moskwa officially mentions that Google welcomes and approves of the use of various techniques of Website Testing – while staying within best practices guidelines of course.

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Elevate SEM adopts Agile Methodology

I was recently scolded by my wife for hoarding large quantities of sneakers. Okay, maybe it’s a little excessive to dedicate an entire closet to my sneaker collection, but for me, my sneaker collection is a reminder of change and progress. Every time I pick up my fresh pair of mint condition, gold Air Force Ones, I think of the days I used to wear them proudly. That being said, its apparent that much has changed in the last decade.

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Bing’s New Webmaster Weapon; Codename “Phoenix”

Bing Webmaster Tools

On June 6, 2012, Bing and Yahoo unveiled their new [free] SEO webmaster super-weapon, dubbed the “Phoenix” Update.  So why is it that Microsoft decided to name this update the Phoenix? We at Elevate believe the nickname is directly related to the rise and reinvention of Yahoo’s old Webmaster Tool, named Yahoo Site Explorer. After Yahoo discontinued their Site Explorer tool back on November 21, 2011, there has been a lack of webmaster tools that have the capabilities to match. So if Yahoo had such a powerhouse of Webmaster tools, why did they decide to discontinue them?

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